Finreka Token
digital asset covered by immovable property

1. Finreka Token (FINT)

  • Is a digital cryptographically encrypted token built on the Ethereum blockchain, covered by the real estate of its publisher
  • This is the so-called ERC-20 Token. The Token can serve as a sustainer of value or as a form of payment among the users - investors
  • FINTs are covered by FINREKA real estate fund ltd. IT means only the company is the publisher of tokens and the number of tokens to be put on the market is limited depending on the company's assets.
  • FINT is a centralized token built on a decentralized network Ethereum.

2. FINTs in circulation in the open market

  • Only tokens are placed on the free market, which are covered by the property, either by immovable property or by fiat currency
  • Therefore, new tokens from the company's central address will only be available on the market as consideration for the payment received from the investor - buyer of SW license
  • Tokens are sent to the address of the wallet after receipt of the payment, allowing you to receive FINTs. These include, for example, popular and proven wallets

3. How to get FINTs

  • FINTs can only be received by our registered and verified users
  • First, make your registration 
  • Once your payment has been credited to our account or wallet, the paid amount of FINTs will be sent to your wallet
  • The SW license can also be obtained through a written order with our seller

4. Receipt of FINTs into the user-investor wallet

Your wallet must support the receipt of ERC-20 tokens so you can get FINTs

In your wallet, for example,, you must click to add the Custom Token or Add Token, and then click on the Costum Token and enter the following information:

Token Address: 0x5763618df3240ff38817237b63d069bce784ef8c

Token Symbol: FINT

Decimals of Precision: 18

Click Next and FINT token is added to your wallet. From now on, you can keep FINTs or send it to other network users who must have a set wallet for FINTs.

5. Locked FINTs at the central address

  • FINTs that are not placed on a free market or our company has bought back from investors are pre-paid and deposited at the central Ethereum at 0xb46c706dd026f08c36c4b04ed6c963ffad130718
  • These tokens are not covered by the company's property
  • The free market will only be received as consideration for payments received from users - investors

How to create a FINT wallet in

Click to select which browser you are using. 

Click the Matamask symbol at the top right to create a new account and type in the 12 phrases and the private key. Once you've created your account, click Add account - see. picture.

Select the Custom token to paste into:

Token Address: 0x5763618df3240ff38817237b63d069bce784ef8c

Token Symbol: FINT

Decimals of Precision: 18

You will then see that FINT has been added to your account. Click Add Tokens.

FINT will appear among the other tokens in your account. The address of your wallet for receiving FINTs is the same as your ETH address in MetaMask.

If you were unable to establish a wallet, contact Support Metamask.

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