Real Estate Fund
valuation of investments by buying, renting or selling real estate

Finreka Real Estate Fund s.r.o. has been operating since the company was founded in November 2004.

Originally, the company focused on brokering sales, purchases or rentals. Over time, it has increasingly begun to focus on the purchase of real estate and its subsequent management in the form of lease or sale.

The portfolio of purchased real estate consisted mainly of residential real estate - apartments and family houses.

Occasionally, the acquisition of commercial real estate was also carried out.

When acquiring real estate in our real estate fund, we focus mainly on attractive properties in good locations with secured demand for their rent with a yield above 6% pa. or purchase at a discount price with subsequent sale at market price.

The company is registered in the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Brno, file number C 47337, company ID 26944405, VAT No .: CZ26944405.

Real estate deals in the real estate fund in Czech Republic

Family house town Miroslav, Údolní street, No 264

  • acquisition 2009, acquisition costs 620.000, - CZK, additional investment 300.000, - CZK
  • still in rental with yield of 8% p.a. of the current market price
  • current market value of CZK 1,300,000

Commercial space in Brno, Milady Horakova street

  • acquisition 2012, business operation
  • sale of real estate 2016 with profit over 7% p.a.

Building plot town Slavkov u Brna - for development project

  • acquisition 2011, building permit for apartment building
  • land sale 2013, yield 26% p.a.

Building plot town Slavkov u Brna

  • acquisition 2012 at a discount price
  • sale 2013 at market price, yield 35% p.a.

4 family houses town Zidlochovice

  • Developer project
  • acquisition of land 2008, completion and sale of family houses 2010
  • profit min. 19% p.a.

Family house town Popuvky u Brna

  • Developer project
  • acquisition of land 2008, completion and sale RD 2009
  • profit 12% pa

Family house town Rajhrad

  • Developer project
  • acquisition of land 2007, completion and sale of RD in the construction stage 2009
  • profit 7% p.a.

Family house village Semtin

  • acquisition 2006, purchase from an involuntary auction
  • sale 2007 at market price
  • profit 29% p.a.

Building plot village Otmarov

  • 2006 acquisition at a discount price
  • sale 2006 at market price, appreciation of 38%

Proportional valuation of real estate fund assets from 2004 - 2018.

Starting course ... 1 point

Current Course ... 4.57 points

Overall rating ... 357%

Average annual appreciation ... 25.57% p.a.